Spoorlijn 65: Kezelbergroute

13 photos taken on September 5, 2016.

Railway line 65 was a Belgian railway line that connected Roeselare with Menen and on to France. Between Roeselare and Y Meiboom the railway line ran together with railway line 64. The line was more than 20 km long, was single-track and was never electrified. The railway was opened on October 14, 1889 by the private railway company Flandre Occidentale, which was taken over by the Belgian State Railways on January 1, 1906. Passenger traffic was abolished on 8 October 1950. Part of the former railway bed has now been set up as a cycling and walking path, called Kezelbergroute. It is one of the green axes managed by the province of West Flanders.

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