Spoorlijn 64: Stroroute

14 photos taken on September 19, 2016.

Railway 64 is a former Belgian railway that connected Roeselare with Ypres. The line was 23 km long, single-track and was never electrified. The section Roeselare-Y Meiboom ran along with line 65. The line was built by Société belge de chemins de fer and opened on 12 April 1868 by the private railway company Flandre Occidentale. The railroad was nationalized on January 1, 1906. During the First World War, the railway line played a strategic role and was constantly under fire. The passenger traffic was abolished on May 17, 1953. Part of the former rail bed has now been set up as a bicycle route under the name Stroroute. Between Zonnebeke and Passendalestraat, the railway became a cycle path known as The Road to Passchendaele. Along this small piece of historic route, which is approximately 2 km long, are two ANZAC monuments that commemorate the Australian walk of 4 October 1917.

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