T6 Carlingford line closure

23 photos taken on January 4, 2020.

The Carlingford railway line is a closed branch railway line in Sydney, Australia. It was opened from Clyde to Subiaco (later renamed Camellia) in January 1885, then by means of the construction of a bridge across the Parramatta River, to Carlingford in April 1896. It closed in January 2020, with much of it to be converted to light rail as part of the Parramatta Light Rail network. Construction is expected to begin in 2020 and be completed by 2023. The Carlingford line north of Parramatta Road closed on 5 January 2020 to allow conversion works to take place. Much of the remaining section closed permanently. This included Rosehill station, which is not on the light rail route. The short section between Clyde and the Parramatta Road level crossing will remain open to allow access to Sydney Trains' track inspection depot.

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