Katoomba scenic railway

7 photos taken on January 24, 2017.

The Scenic Railway is an incline railway now used for tourism. It is part of Scenic World, a private, family owned tourist attraction located in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, about 100 kilometres west of Sydney. The steepest section of track is on an incline of 52 degrees contained within a total distance of 310 metres. It was originally constructed for a coal and oil shale mining operation in the Jamison Valley in the 1880s, in order to haul the coal and shale from the valley floor up to the escarpment above. The Scenic Railway makes many claims to be the steepest passenger railway, the steepest funicular, and the steepest incline in the world. However the railway uses a winch system and no counterbalancing carriage, therefore it is not a Funicular railway but an Incline Lift.

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